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Rachel YoungThe nature of services Jessie’s Angels provide

Jessie’s Angels offer a comprehensive range of personal and practical services to adults (18+) providing between 251-500 care hours of personal care, support and comnpanionship from as little as one call per week to 24 hours a day. We like our calls to be an hour as we feel this offers a quality service where care is not ruches, but we will do half hour calls if requierd. We will provide these services to clients with physical ill health or disabilities, sight or hearing impairment, dementia or mental infirmity.

Our purpose is to offer a high quality bespoke service to enable clients to stay in the loving comfort of their own home with caring professional staff.

We have person-centered support at its heart, where the unique needs of everyone are recognised and skilled staff are available to provide care and support in a way that encourages self-determination and enables clients to achieve their best possible quality of life to:

We strive to offer a flexible, efficient and professional service which is tailored to meet each person’s individual cultural and ethnic needs. Services are offered irrespective of client’s race or ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation. The sole criterion for accepting a client is our ability to provide for the care needs assessed.

  • Be as physically, mentally and emotionally healthy as possible
  • Be safe
  • Be involved in activities, hobbies or individual interests
  • Access education, learning and development opportunities
  • Have control over everyday life and where relevant participation in work
  • Maintain their linguistic, cultural and/or religious identities
  • Maintain family and personal relationships and develop their potential, learn and practice life skills


Helen Sinclair

We also strive to work in partnership with clients, their representatives and carers and other professionals to deliver a seamless service that maximises the client’s choice, control and independence.

Clients may require a range of assistance with key tasks that help maintain a level of independence consistent with their abilities and desired outcomes.

Personal and domestic care tasks mean assisting with elements of care where a significant risk or deterioration of quality of life would occur if no assistance was made available. We can provide practical support across a wide range of daily practical tasks such as:


Personal care tasks

  • Personal care including bathing and dressing
  • Assistance with toileting needs
  • Assistance with medication
  • Assistance with basic stoma and catheter care (changing bag)
  • Assistance with and preparing meals/drink
  • Monitor nutrition and fluid intake by having nutrition and fluid consumption charts
  • Assistance with mobility, moving and handling (as per recognised current safe manual handling procedures/training)

Domestic care tasks

  • Cleaning and vacuuming (only as part of care package)
  • Take out rubbish
  • Shopping
  • Ironing and laundry
  • Changing and making the bed
  • Assistance with dealing with correspondence


  • Accompanying to medical and social appointments
  • Arrange appointments
  • Companionship, social skills, social interaction - going out for a coffee, meal, attending clubs etc
  • Plan visits, outings and trips
  • Support to visit neighbours and friends
  • Attending dementia groups at Memory lane Café (Pyle), Dementia Swimming (Bridgend) , Dementia Dance Class (Porthcawl)



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